Nanoose Bay Catspan  was formed in 2004 as a registered charity. We are the original cat rescue group that offered TNR services for feral cats and strays.  Our Board is made of original directors and trapping icons of Oceanside.While we still specialize in humanely managing feral cat populations, Catspan does help with strays and rehomes cats for the public.  We  manage feral cat populations, and moved a 30 cat colony last summer. We also educate the public about our community's forgotten cats. We never euthanize healthy cats. This distinguishes us from similarly named rescue groups that regularly euthanize healthy asymptomatic cats.   We assist the public in humanely and compassionately caring for all cats.  If you know of feral cats or kittens and need help, contact us and our dedicated rescue experts will assist you.  We are a registered charity, and  depend on tax deductible donations from the general public.  We  gratefully accept cat food, supplies, and financial support.    

PO Box 183 Nanoose Bay STN MAIN. Nanoose Bay BC. V9P 9J9


Nanoose Bay Catspan Society

             Improving the lives of our community cats  


Cat Rescue Dispatch


   250 821 1867